Triggered by a LinkedIn discussion in the group “Innovation 2.0” I noticed the word “Contagram”. Had never heard of it before but it immediately triggered me to link this to a post I just finished about  metahpors and other things. As explained by the Contrastive Grammar Research Group, contragrams are about the relation between grammatical structure and meaning in language. So contagrams convey contrasts in a language sense. The word Contagram inspired me to think of about how that is with metaphors that explain contrasts, for example explaining the contrast between Interoperability and Integration. Et voila, the word Contraphor was born. Contraphors will from now on be my guide for graphically contrasting themes using metaphors. Ofcourse I also googled on the word “Contraphor” but could not find any related URL. So I think it’s a new word, if anyone claims another definition i’d like to hear it. Inspired by what Wikipedia says on  metaphor: “A metaphor is an analogy between two objects or ideas, conveyed by the use of a word instead of another” I propose the following definition for contraphor: A contraphor is a visualisation of two contrasting objects or ideas with metaphoric intention. My contraphor collection will from now on be maintained on this dedicated page.


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