It’s all a question of suboptimization. Business Cases are designed for Businesses who usually model their value proposition using their Business model design. This is inside-the-box thinking, the box being the Business model from where Business Cases are developed. So far there’s seems nothing wrong with that. But what if we were able as a society to increase joining our forces and (re-)invent solid Society Models that are beneficial to the society as a whole, then it would certainly make developing Society Cases (a “Business Case” on societal level) a lot easier, simply because more parties will be participating in a broad society-level model than in a smaller, dedicated and/or isolated “Business” model. This is what I like to call Sociegy: a Society oriented strategy. Why is there so little attention for this enormous hidden or uncouvered potential? Is it because we are brought up with the notion that competitive models (I Win, You Loose, or I must be greedy, don’t care if you suffer from my greed, taught as “best practices” in allmost all of the traditional “Red Ocean” strategy schools) are better than cooperative models (with which we could all win or benefit)? Or is it plainly because we have fear for the inherent complexity of organizing the development of such a large scale “Society Case”?


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