Nowadays many people suffer from information overload. Modern IT technology has made it possible to produce many times more information than we ever are able to consume. So we need some clever filters. I call this The New Filtering. I believe there can never be a better filter than you yourself. So The New Filtering should be implemented from a Filter Your Own Information (FYOI) approach.

This leads to the following architecture principle:

Your information or information meant for you will be consumed by you where you want to consume it, when you want to consume it and how you want to consume it.

This approach helps giving (Information) Power to the People (or you could also call it “Data to the People”). So the filter freedom should be totally up to the information consumer. After all nobody knows better than you yourself what you want to know, right? And in the end, the only thing that really counts is what you don’t know, the rest is probably waste…


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