In often use one of my favorite summaries: People First | Inspire & Inspiration | Intuitive & Rational | Complex & Simple | Abstract & Concrete | Line & Circle | Visualizing & Humor. It’s easy to see that there’s a lof of Yin/Yang in there. That’s because I like balancing these (often seemingly) counterparts, preventing there’s dominance in either of the two and integrating them where relevant. Or use them to support dialogs with People that do not (yet) see these viewpoints. I believe People should come first. That’s why that one is in front of my summary. My People first mantra doesn’t have a Yin counterpart because that would imply one could put (for example) organizations above People. I believe People allways should come first and all the rest should be subordinate to that. You can read a nice story how a Japanese firm reinvented itself by designing goals that make it’s employees happy which makes customers and partners happy which makes society, country and the world happy. A nice example of how it can be done! So we need to reinvent the way society has organized itself. Putting People first is allways a good idea. It helps! And it puts the Yin/Yang back in place where it should be. And it prevents dominance, for example financial dominance which has helped our world get into the crises we are now in. So I appeal to every reader of this blog to take own responsbility to put People in your environment first. Use your left and right brain as it it were a Yin/Yang pair. Don’t let the ratio outweigh the intuition. Happy landing!

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