We humans have brains that work like reptilians. If something new comes on our path, we allmost automatically react with a fight or flight response. We generally fear the new, unknown because we see it at first glance like a threat. We rather stick to the safe, well known things we are used to. The things we were sure that worked in the past, even if we all know they were far  from optimal. We just accept that fact and generally try to avoid structural renewal. But if you take a look at all the crises the world is in, isn’t it time to change our reptilian-like brains into real human brains, which we by the way all have? So put away the fears, exchange them with love, respect and a culture that stimulates societal learning instead of risc avoidances from the past, and let in the light which will help us conquer the crises and create a brave new world where abundance thinking defeats scarcity thinking. Good Luck! 


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