People Collect Things. It’s probably some kind of survival thing we all know how to use intuitively. When we are young, we collect things into collections, for example pins, buttons, postal stamps, strips, toys, dolls etc. When we grow up, we start collecting knowledge at school. And as soon as we start earning money, we start collecting money. Because money can increase our status or power, it stimulates a new driving force coming into place: greed. And as we further grow and mature and Maslov gets us higher on the ladder, we like to collect Power or Status. And it drives us to claim ownership of concepts that were previously distributed. We do this because it gives us status and statue and makes us more important. So our intuitively driven collect anger helps us shape society the way it is and repeat history over and over again. And even if we are aware that this collect anger helps driving less desired societal values, we often don’t really don’t know how to change this or are afraid to. So instead of stimulating more higher or spiritually aimed goals such as sharing and integrating concepts, it drives things the other way around. It’s a kind of divide and conquer strategy, aimed more at separating than at integrating concepts. What can we do about it? Maybe the transformation principles of the book Spiritual Value of Danah Zohar might come to help. Here’s my interpretation how to: start by examining our (often) deeply buried driving forces, confirm they are there and commit yourself to try to change them. This approach could make our world probably a much better place to live in. And even if this approach will let us encounter common barriers like fear, doubt or apathy, there’s still hope. We can transform our driving forces if we want to. The ingredients to use are simple and easy to accomplish. Our most common driving forces can be transformed if we are willing. For example, apathy can be replaced with an appeal to examine or face our driving forces. Doubt can be replaced with dualistic viewpoints: respect the old and respect the new view on the world. Fear can be replaced with respect, love, stimulation of a learning culture etc. Greed, egoism (collect anger) can be replaced with a shared vision of societal values. Anger, despair or frustration can be replaced with holistic viewpoints. And finally status and power can be replaced with humility. By transforming they turn into new, higher value driving forces. For example by transforming fear with love, the new driving force becomes mastery, and who wouldn’t want that? So what is your opinion: could this approach work?


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