Fear of inconsistent behavior is a quite common phenomenon. You can experience it everywhere. And it is often blocking or frustrating us. But why is that? I think it’s because demonstrating inconsistent behavior is generally “not done!”  It’s socially unacceptable. It’s a taboo. And because of that it drives our behaviour in a certain direction. We sometimes rather make stupid decisions and then later on hide that fact by showing “consistent” behavior. For example: “The decision I made last year still stands and I am in no way going to change that, even if I now know there are much better alternatives”.  But wouldn’t we make things a lot easier for ourselves and our environment, if there was somehow a kind of culture that allows us to demonstrate (a little bit) inconsistent behavior? A culture that allows us to make learning mistakes? And no longer consider a learning mistake as a taboo?  I think it can be made possible. And it doesn’t cost a thing. We only need to accept a new mindset that helpes us promote what I call the Love for Progressive Insight. That allows us to be a learning society. And that accepts that our society is getting so complex that no single soul can make the sometimes very complicated decisions (s)he can stand up to. So it’s time to allow for more learning mistakes. Time to stimulate the culture towards progressive insight. Time to forget pointing fingers at inconsistent behavior. What is your opinion, could this approach work?


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