Plato already knew how people can be guided by illusions. Plato’s cave illustrates it perfectly. I envision that living in the rational domain is like living inside Plato’s cave of rationality and thinking this way is the only way. In modern society, we learn to behave like this, not knowing any better. It’s our culture. We act and think as we do. But suppose you could get a glimpse at the sunlight coming outside the cave? And suppose you then suddenly realize there’s more than only the rational domain. You see there is a spiritual domain also. Well, that happened to me. Since that time, I can see there are two domains. Each has it’s own specific added value. They cannot exist without eachother. And they can amplify eachother if we would allow it. I have allowed it for myself. It has made me much stronger. Since that time I can better rationalize cases that need rational decisions. I am also getting better in making spiritual decisions when necessary. And I am now learning how to balance the two decision domains. A very nice experience I like to share.


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