I just read “Twelve Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking“. The next paragraph triggered me to write this blog because I suddenly saw what it is that makes it so difficult to make generalistic or specialistic decisions at times:

“Expect the experts to be negative. The more expert and specialized a person becomes,  the more their mindset becomes narrowed and the more fixated they become on confirming what they believe to be absolute. Consequently, when confronted with new and different ideas,  their focus will be on conformity. Does it conform with what I know is right? If not, experts will spend all their time showing and explaining why it can’t be done and why it can’t work. They will not look for ways to make it work or get it done because this might demonstrate that what they regarded as absolute is not absolute at all…”

The way I understand it is that because of how this works in our minds, the net effect on a larger scale can be that things can be working out as a (huge?) change blocker. But I personally believe there must be a hidden drive behind not wanting to adapt one’s own personal expert fueled beliefs. When investigating this with myself, I found out it’s fear or maybe even multiple fears. Probably fear of having to expose myself to my environment as being not 100% competent in my area of expertise or specialism. Fear for showing inconsitent behavior, after all, as an expert I am expected to give an expert advice and therefore by mandate of culture not allowed to make mistakes. It’s a taboo. Fear for group isolation: suppose I know that expert advice I give is far from optimal, but because I don’t want to standout of my social environment, i’m accepting to adjust myself to the culture. Better than being cast out as a non conformist. These are just a few example of fears. But they reamain an assumption, nothing more. I do wonder how our society would look like if we would allow eachother to have a shared learning culture. A culture where we allow (in fact forgive!) each other for making mistakes, showing eachother we can and are allowed to fail, and are thus not infallable. Let’s get out of the fear box and create a learning culture!


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