Fantasy picture source here. Inspired by reading several blogs and articles, I am convinced global consciousness is further emerging. It’s as if humanity is preparing herself to go through a gate into a new era where we are more interconnected. And increasingly, I am beginning to see the beauty of it all. Because people all over the world are increasingly sharing their personal beliefs, thoughts, visions, values etc. we can now more easily make a conscious connection with eachother, facilitated by the Internet. Especially if we are on the same “consciousness wavelength” connections are easily made. Just to get a tiny little overview of this huge global consciousness topic, I recently created a mindmap called “Better Managed World“. It shows some very basic viewpoints of some of the communities that are occupied in rethinking some of the world’s systems. Communities that share meaning, vision, insight etc. It might inspire people to seek new connections. To me it feels as if Angels are guiding humanity to become more and more connected, that’s way I added this Angel picture here (source here).


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  1. While there are some who claim that they do not react or pay attention to physical appearance, whether to their own or to that of others, there are not many.


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