Yesterday I retweeted  this tweet from @transarchitect: “The task of the teacher is to show us that we can change our minds, and that it is safe to do so”. This inspired me to come up with a new word MasterMindSetters. This blog explains the concept.

You could say there’s some common ground mindset in our society up until now. Many institutions, corporations or governments have become used to “manage” resources around the basic paradigm of scarcity. And then this scarcity easily leads to red ocean strategies whereby a minority uses up a majority of the “scarce” resources. I like to call the “Masterminds” that invented this scarcity thinking  the MasterMindSetters 1.0. They are the ones who keep the 1.0 system going. Their Masterminds advocate a scarcity mindset which makes them the mindsetters of the previous era.

But a new era is on the verge now. And with this new era, a new mindset is gaining acceptance. It’s advocated by new thinkers that see a need to disrupt the old systems. I call them the MasterMindSetters 2.0. These are the Masterminds that advocate a mindset that starts with reasoning from abundance instead of starting to reason from scarcity. And they are the ones that are the setters of this new mindset. Give them an applause because they might just be the ones that come to help to liberate our world from all the crises it’s gotten into. And help them transforming society into a new beautiful world where there is plenty of everything for everyone. And where forgiveness for imperfection and continuous learning is the new normal.


Comments on: "We Need New Mastermindsetters To Help Change Humanity’s Mindset" (3)

  1. denisemward said:

    I’m really enjoying this blog. In fact, are you still around? I am putting together a new concept, a Womens’ Council which I plan to release in the next couple of weeks. I’d love to hear from you. I am in Massachusetts USA and work with a friend in Armsfort, Netherlands, a Dutchman like you.


    • louisdietvorst said:

      Thanks for the compliment!
      Since you enjoy this blog I will rethink adding some more articles.
      Have to find some time for it…


  2. […] I handled a comment from denisemward on an earlier blog We Need New Mastermindsetters To Help Change Humanity’s Mindset. Denise wrote: “I’m really enjoying this blog. In fact, are you still around?” […]


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