Manifesto Manifesto

Picture source hereLet’s face it: the time of manifesto’s is over, isn’t it? It feels like yet another set of “must-do” values others have thought for us. As if it were some kind of new “law” to abide to. And yet, they do carry some intrinsic value. Especially if you first simplify them. Leave out the parts that are obvious. And then with the leftovers, see if you can combine them. Then try to find the elements that can be integrated into a more cohesive, stronger whole. A whole that might even be positioned to be shared as part of our emerging collective, global or universal consciousness. In this way, individual manifesto’s submerge into a manifesto of manifesto’s. Want some more examples or inspiration? Take a look at this mindmap. The mindmap contains a (very small) subset of all existing manifesto’s and some statements that might also be regarded as manifesto’s.


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