Have you seen the video The Earth Is Full already? Quit scary stuff if you ask me. But then again, if you scare people, chances are, they get scared. And fear becomes their dominant driver that sets only negative things into motion. And that only amplifies the culture that has gotten into this greedy, infinite growth strategies we all know too well. All based on the (economic) illusion that scarcity thinking is the preferred management instrument of our world.

So why not turn it the other way around? Tell people there is nothing but abundance. Show them the video Abundance is our Future instead. And yes, ofcourse there is scarcity here and there but it’s more a question of how you approach it: from the negative (scary) side, of from the positive (yes we can) side. My tip: treat scarcity from now on as an illusion and you will see more and more abundance things popping up in your life. Happy traveling on your abundance path!


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