This blog is inspired by the term ‘Slow IT” from a collegue who blogs here. The term Slow IT reminded me of one of the LinkedIn discussion groups I follow: Slow Management. But besides these two viewpoints on Slowing Down, there are a lot more slow movements. For example, an excellent summary (in Dutch) can be found here. It reminds us that we as a globalising consumption society are quickly wasting and spoiling our beautiful earth. The only thing that seems to matter is short-term wins. I win, you loose. Greedy. Egoistic.

It’s time we started to design our world for our children. And that’s why I made the Dino graphic. It’s my representation of how Humanity should be transforming from short-term goals (institutional-centric, a-social, often supported with generalisations or centralisations) to long-tail goals (human-centric, social, decentralized, localized, specialized).

It’s my dream that Humanity’s mindset evolves to this 2.0 mindset, creating a world that is not only liveable for us, but also for our children. The time to slow down the infinite growth engine of Humanity 1.0 is here now. We can create Humanity 2.0 if we want!

Comments on: "Relax! Humanity’s Long Tail Has Arrived" (1)

  1. In essence, slowing down means relaxing and that is not always easy and feels counter intuitive. Try convincing the business that their IT department should slow down for one 😉
    Thanks for referring to my blog!


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