We human beings are strange species. We normally do not react on the objective reality that surrounds us, but we give this reality our own interpretation. By doing this we are in fact creating our won illusion. And whatever illusion we create, gets attention, not only ours but also from others. That’s how the Universal Law of Attraction works. So whatever illusion of the objective reality we create, will grow. So our illusions are in fact a very powerful machinery.
Suppose we all interprete the way we see the world as being a “system” full of crises, we then create ourselves the illusion that there are nothing but crises. But what if we changed the meaning of these illusions? Suppose we all would think and truly believe there are no crises? Act from positive thinking only. Then there ARE no crises. They vanish! We have invented them ourselves! And we sustain them by keeping thinking that our current systems are the only possible systems. But that in itself is also an illusion! It’s as if we have made our thinking immune to new, fresh viewpoints.
There is a very easy way out: start really thinking what reality you really want to see. Start thinking what reality you really want to create. Then this is the beginning of change. Change from Humanity 1.0 which is currently a champion in creating self fulfilling illusions. And change to Humanity 2.0 which can become a champion in creating new global happiness! Happy changing!

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