This blog was inspired by  a question from the audience about authority (see the video at Venessa’s blog about Social Media and the Evolution of Consciousness starting at timeframe 48:30). It got me thinking about the true value of authority. Is there any value in authority or is authority in fact a kind of waste, or a men-made illusion? Suppose we looked at authority through the glass of the principles of LEAN (see figure). If you map these wastes to authority, you can easily imagine that authority as we are accustomed to, can create waste. For example overprocessing because you need to transport authoritive actions from one person to another. Or under-utilized people because you don’t really use all of their talents if you take away authority that would fit within their “talent scope”. And so on.  I finally also looked at an authority related article in Wikipedia and found the following excerpt “You must learn to live with your own conscience, your own morality, your own decision, your own self. You alone can do it. There is no authority but yourself.” That excerpt inspired me to think of real authority as an expression of vulnerable authenticity. So if you present yourself vulnerable, you show to your environment what your authenticity is, which kinda might give you some implied authority. What if we all would do that? Would it change our world to the better?


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