Let’s Face It. That’s what I thought when I composed this picture. It all began with the recent tweet “[By The Way] There is no such thing as business-to-business or business-to-consumer; only human-to-human” from @lucgaloppin. This tweet inspired me to envision how we humans are accustomed to use words/language to abstract or generalize factors into something vague. Anyone can understand a concept like Human to Human, but as soon as we call it something else, for example Business to Business, we are in effect immediately hiding the human aspect. We loose the human aspect by this abstraction. As long as we behave as loving humans we can easily connect and share (consider the Human2Human picture). But as soon as we put a label “Business” to something we are in effect stimulating disconnections, greed, anger, status etc. (consider the B2B and B2C pictures). Maybe the time is right to transform from a more a-social to a more social society. Where loving/caring/helping each other becomes the dominant mantra as the picture to the right envisions.


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