Managing Information. Into “perfectly” modular registers or silo’s. Often preferably from as less vendors as possible. That is what we try do already for a long time. But still we are not yet able to manage all of our information “in formation”. The way we approach information problems is often the same, regardless of the type of information at hand. We like to structure our information into rows and columns. So that it can be easily “managed”. Managed “in” “formation” that is. But what we often seem to forget is that only a tiny part of world’s information cán really be managed “in” “formation”. The greater part isn’t structured enough to be structured. Or at the very best, many parts can be considered more semi-structured than structured.

I believe we need a boost in Information theory to better solve this problem. I therefore also like very mich what Esko Kilpi says in his blog: “Information theory is not only unhelpful but harmful, when trying to understand communication between human beings. Communication is not about sharing information but a process of formation.” So if we keep on designing worlds information systems according to current Information theory without taking into account the process of formation, we might do more harm than good.

Could there be other ways? Look at the optical illusions picture shown here. It shows human faces, that together make up a larger face. To me this looks like a beautiful, natural way of “managing information” that humans can readily understand. Might it be that current information theory is getting at the end of it’s possibilities and might need input from something new theory, for example “formation theory”?


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