Our society is accustomed to treat people as expandable assets. Assets of which the max. possible financial value needs to be extracted, just like milk from a cow. Often indirectly driven by fulfilling the (greedy) goals of a minority. I was inspired to write this down after having read this blog from Helene Finidori: The Commons at the Core of our Next Economic Models? I liked the article a lot.

So what if humanity’s mindset would become geared towards putting in maximum human value in all people instead of extracting maximum financial value from most people? So that humanity’s goals shift from financial to social? For example, global happiness as a primary goal, financial and other values become the mere means? Looking at greed, I think we should still stay greedy, but not any longer financially greedy but socially greedy. Transform the world from a-social to social. If we all are willing to create such a brave new world, it can be done.


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