As you can see in the beautiful picture of the woman and the leopard, fear must be just an illusion. I have been thinking about that a lot. And found out that my own fears are indeed just illusions. Illusions I have created myself. Not my environment. I also found out some simple techniques to conquer my fears. Techniques like negating things. Asking why instead of just accepting. Being insubordinate instead of just being slavery. Flipping things around instead of leaving them alone. Reversing things. Thinking outside-the-box instead of inside-the-box. Liberating things that where kept hostage by the incumbents. Seeking more degrees of freedom where there are too much structures. Integrating things that where not meant to be separated. Separating things that where not meant to be integrated.  And slowly, but surely, these approaches helped me conquer my own fears and are making me feel better and stronger. I wish you also happy illusion fighting!


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