We Humans (ofcouse not you and I but all the others) are accustomed to putting our own brains central in all our decisions. And even though we are trying to think of our world of the most central theme to take care of, in practice we rather take care of our own concerns first, the rest is not really our problem, is it? We call this separation of concerns. We are concerned about the world, but in the end this is not our concern, it’s somebody else stupid fault if something goes wrong. We tend to blame things on everyone but ourselves. But what if our brains could accomodate (complex) thinking about (complex) world-scale problems like all the crises? Would this make a difference in our separation of concerns strategy? Or would it make us true cosmopolitans, knowing what needs to be done to make our world better? Perhaps global consciousness, fueled by free knowledge distribution over channels like the Internet might give us a hand. And the will not to blame things from the past on humans, but blame it on the systems we invented. Reinvent them if this helps us getting into a new (golden?) age. Rewind our brains and move the world into them. I am willing to take my own (little) part in it. And you?


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