Business is in fact a funny word. Wikipedia says: “the etymology of “business” relates to the state of being busy either as an individual or society as a whole, doing commercially viable and profitable work.” So the state of doing business seems to be in essence about being busy? But why on earth should you wanna be busy in doing viable and profitable work? Suppose you could do viable and profitable work by not being busy (or at least not busy all the time). Would you favor it? Ofcourse you would. Because it’s much nicer to go with the flow of the moment than to ignore the flow. Going faster when the context demands it. Going slower when the context allows.

But it still seems our society doesn’t allow us to slow down when we are “in Business”. It’s some sort of taboo. We have to remain busy otherwise we condemn each other for not making Business. But isn’t it a flawed concept? Based on fear of not being able to explain why you’re not busy all the time? I recommend also reading this article which explains Busy-ness from a different point-of-view: “Much of our busy-ness comes from fear that we should be doing more, that we might be missing out, that we aren’t enough already. But we are enough, and we don’t need more, and we aren’t missing out. So we can let go of a lot of unnecessary activity, and just focus on doing what we love, and give ourselves the space to enjoy a contented life.”  Happy slowing down (when your context allows it!).


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