We human beings (not you and me, but all the others ofcourse) have some really Strange Habits. We tend to live our lives the way others have invented it for us. We take it for granted. We don’t discuss it. Our parents teach us what they think we should know to grow up. Our schools teach us what they think we should know to be ready for a societal task. Our employers tell us how to do our jobs. Our governments tell us how to live together. And this list goes on.

We suffer from societal “learned helplessness” obesitas. But what would happen if many of us adopted for example Steve Jobs’s vision (which I really love)? Would we really be able to stop living the results of other people’s thinking? Stop being trapped by our own invented dogma’s?

Or what if we took this part of the Rebel’s Manifesto: “Care not of the opinion of others. They are based on their own thoughts and fears.” for serious? Or what if we really started living according to the Holstee Manifesto? (see the youtube) 

Giving all the above, I honestly believe we need to challenge some of our own invented dogma’s. And learn how to let go of those dogma’s that hinder true societal innovation. So we can really transform the world into a better place and get rid of our crises. Obtain new, better values for society. Happy Strange Habit Fighting!


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