Recently I wrote about Egosystem to Ecosystem transformations (E2E). A few days later I stumbled upon several articles that got me thinking again about transformations. The articles I am referring are about topics like transition management and intervening in a system. Despite all existing intervention strategies, game changing rules, tips & tricks, change processes, change management techniques, methodologies, laws, principles and so forth, I realized all of these lack one crucial prerequisite: they don’t factor in the Universal Law of Free Will!

Every person on earth has a Free Will with only one exception: there cannot be a Free Will to disobeying the Law of Free Will. It’s kind of like a contradictio in terminis. But that’s not what’s important in this story. What’s important is that you realize you allways have a free will to follow whatever others (or even you yourself) have figured out you should do. They (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) have designed a strategy to change your way of working. They have developed a methodology that you should follow. They have delared a law that you must obey. They have drafted principles so you can apply them. But since you are governed by the Universal Law of Free Will, in the end it’s allways up to you to follow what others have figured out for you. This gives you tremendous power, doesn’t it?

What’s the crucial part in this story? It’s knowledge. The more knowledge you have yourself, the better you can be your own judge. So that you can use the statement from the picture: “With Knowledge, Man May Judge Himself…”.  And if we were all more knowledgeable, we would need less laws, strategies, principles, methodologies, procedures and so on. Happy Knowledge Hunting!


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