One could state that Humanity is in dire need of switching the Social Innovation Cycle into the 2nd gear: Un-Learn. Ofcourse there is a lot of good stuff around that we as humans collectively have invented which is there for keeps. But we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) also have made some serious flaws here and there, given all crises we’re in.

So I propose we switch to 2nd gear, start un-learning many of the things we have got used to and forgot te critically un-learn. We need to discuss the undiscussables and not be afraid to ask the “why” questions often and routinely.

From that 2nd gear, it’s very easy to switch to the 3rd gear: Re-Learn. And it is this 3rd gear that might just help us transform into a new Golden Age, and who wouldn’t want that? And while running 3rd gear, we will have routinely become used to rethink, relearn and resist often, so we constantly refresh our knowledge and not re-use it dogmatically. I wish all of you Happy Gearshifting!


Comments on: "Gearing Up The Social Innovation Cycle: From Learn to Un-Learn to Re-Learn" (1)

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