We humans (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) suffer from learnead helplessness.  Most of our daily usual stuff we tend to practice without deeply thinking about it. We act on auto-pilot. We don’t challenge the why. It’s learned helplessness.

But have you ever heard of Intelligent Disobedience? It’s a technique that is used to train service animals, for example service dogs that help blind people move around. Normally, the service dog walks side by side by the blinded. But if the service dog notices that it’s “boss” is making a move that might hurt (in fact making a poor decision), it starts being Intelligently Disobedient. With only one goal: to save the boss!

And now since you and me (but not yet all the others ofcourse) share this little secret of Intelligent Disobedience, we might also bring it into practice. But before bringing it into practice, we have to know and understand the current “rules”. Otherwise it will be difficult to break them if we don’t understand them. And then we can start rule break practicing. For example next time when we see people in our environment make poor decisions, we can try to shift into intelligent disobedience mode, discuss the poor decisions with them, and then shift back again into “normal”  learned helplessness mode. I wish you a happy learned “unhelplessness”! Please Include Attribution to OnlineClasses.org With This Graphic What do we Know Infographic


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