We live in an attention economy heavily fueled by information overload. Techniques to attract people towards certain information have evolved and are professionalizing. But in the vast amount of information being produced, we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) still don’t really know how to get people’s attention towards a certain topic. Attention in a way that they can easily filter the noise from the really important aspects.

But then, what is really important? Suppose someone finds the Higgs-boson and spreads the news using diverse channels. There still is quite a large chance that this news will not arrive at the time / places and to the people where it might make a huge difference. Despite the fact that Internet can be regarded an enabler for global or collective consciousness and can spread news at almost the speed of light, it still has to arrive to you, be filtered by you, processed by you and made meaningful for you. And then to have really effect, you have to actually do something with that new knowledge you just processed. Chances are you miss the point what to do with the news, even if you had already on forehand decided that knowing something about the Higgs-boson was important for you.

So where does this all lead to? The sender might get  Euphoria and an Eustress experience by discovering the Higgs-boson (“wow, I just discovered the Higgs-boson!”). And the receiver(s) might get Dysphoria & Distress (“oh no, not again misleading news about the Higgs-boson…”).

Now how do we connect sender and receiver if something really important needs to be shared in a way that it leads to some kind of transformation? Or will this never be possible, just because our world has become too complicated? I personally hope humanity finds some clever way to connect essential knowledge between sender and receiver(s). Essential knowledge that will help transforming society into a new Golden Age. Happy knowledge hunting!


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