There are two sides to every story. We people (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) can be roughly divided into two broad categories if it comes to being right-handed or left-handed. Being either right- or left-handed has to do with Laterality. But there are also people that are both right- and left-handed. They fall in the category of ambidexterity and can combine both “features” easily.

What’s the relation with this blog’s title: from Versus to And? Well, it was just an example to make transparent that ambidexterity, which is inclusive and thus reflects the “And” part (left- AND right-handed) has benefits over laterality, which is exclusive and thus reflects the “Versus” part (left- ORright-handed). You might also say that this has to do with the differences between dualism/duality and oneness/singularity. The table below is an example overview of some terms that can be approached in an exclusive manner (it’s either the left column or the right column) and in an inclusive manner (both the left AND the right column are valuable). The idea is to show that inclusive reasoning (for example both structure AND relationship) might be more valuable in the end than exclusive reasoning (it’s either structure OR relationship).

Left-handed “values”

Right-handed “values”
Structure is most important
Relationship is most important



Thinking and acting from limitations or threats

Thinking and acting from possibilities or chances

A human being is just a factor

A human being is an ACTOR

Control is important

Spontanity is important

Trust is good, but control is better

Control is good, but trust is better

Only greed is better

Only sharing is better

So we might conclude that many aspects in life are dual and have there natural opposites (universal law of polarity). The left- and right handed aspects are identical in “style”, but different in “effect”.  In fact, just like day cannot exist without night, Yin cannot exist without Yang and greed cannot exist without charity (the ability to “share”). It’s all a question of the right balance. To sum up the message: if you practice the law of polarity you agree that the more ‘darker’ sides cannot exist without the more ‘lighter’  sides and stating that we need both in a balanced way prevents that we focus too much on either one of them. I wish you a happy inclusive reasoning yourney! 


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