Let’s say you want to improve a situation. And you start analyzing it. But because people (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) tend to have a poor capability in handling complex themes, it seems natural to ignore parts you don’t really understand or want to understand. And so you focus on areas that you feel comfortable with. And then you pour all your energy into this area (like the rotten spot on the apple in the 1st figure). All your analytical energy goes to the rotten spot because you want to enhance it, enlarge it, maybe even make it look worse than it really is. This way, you attract energy towards yourself and you become more important. You are the savier! In your savier role, you are able to inflict fear towards your environment just by exarcabating how “bad” the analyzed spot really is. You have stigmatized it.

But what if another analist comes along and shows an analytical approach not from a partial point of view, but from the more complex, total point of view? Demonstrating that the “rotten” apple in it’s total context might be not that worse at all (look at the 2nd figure where the same apple is integral part of the fruitscale). And this analysis shows there is a lot of hidden capability lying around in this fruitscale. You might even come to the conclusion that you should not carve out the rotten spot of the apple, but just rearrange the fruitscale a little so that the apple gets “air” and can self repair. Now you have added value the total instead of the part. And make all the “fruit” happy!  You have saved the whole fruitscale instead of just the apple. Happy fruitscale re-engineering!


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