What Puzzles Me…

What puzzles me is why we humans (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) have such a vast amount of knowledge available that could help create a really beautiful world, but we seem to lack the ability to really use that knowledge. It might be because of several reasons:

  • the knowledge is available (for free) but doesn’t really reach the people that could (and should!) use it
  • the knowledge is available (for free) but isn’t suitable to use by the people that really need it
  • the knowledge is available but must be paid for

Maybe there are some solutions.

  • Case 1: you know there must be a certain kind of knowledge available that can help you create a better world. But you cannot find it. Start asking questions, and who knows, you may find people out there that can help you find the knowledge you are looking for
  • Case 2: you have found knowledge but it’s too abstract or too detailed or too off-topic or whatever. Go to case 1 and ask people for assistance
  • Case 3: so we have knowledge to create a better world but it must be paid for? maybe the solution to this is that there should be a universal law that ALL knowledge is for free. And that we earn money not by selling knowledge, but by helping creating a more beautiful world.

Happy puzzling!


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