Random inspirational thoughts on collective improvement

I just read this article. The following inspired me: “What we may be talking about are right brain/left brain finally coming into focus and that point of focus may very well be the long dormant “Penile” gland. The fact may be that our brain, as awesome as it is, may not even be turned on yet. What we need is a new genre, a metaphorical language that is coherent to both the scientist and the metaphysician. For it to be relevant to both sides, there have to be truths which are held self evident by both sides.”

So it looks like self-evidence might be the key to get both scientists and metaphysicans together. So they can open up for each others “truths”. For example the metahphor “to love beauty is to see light” might be viewed from both scientifical and metaphysician point of view. And their corresponding truths might turn out to amplify each other, provided they are open towards each others “truth”. Now wouldn’t that give science a whole new kickstart? Happy truth hunting! 

Comments on: "We Need A Metaphorical Language To Help Us Re-Member Hidden Knowledge" (1)

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