I was reading an article about Bacharach’s theory and stumbled upon the term vacillation. The explanation and this article inspired me to write this short blog. Looking at the crises we all know, then I think vacillation is in fact a form of hidden fear. Fear of not knowing exactly what a new ´order´ might mean for society. For example a new economic system.  We (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) often tend to mitigate fear for vacillation by choosing a certain direction, in the hope that it gives stability. There is in principle nothing wrong with that. But our modern world is often so complex that events from the outside interfere, even if we don´t want them to. The net effect is that it might lead to vacillation, just like in a tropical thunderstorm where this also happens. It´s like in chaos, you never know exactly what the outcome will be. But often from chaos, a new, better world is derived. Old structures vanish, and are replaced by new, better structures. The path to such a new, better world, often is accompanied by vacillation strategies (or should I say tactics?). But if we know that the outcome in the end is better for all, then there is nothing to fear. Now is there a cure for vacillation? What might help alleviating the fear: just go with the flow a bit more, let go of too much control, practice more wait and see behavior and trust that a new better world is waiting for us, out there in the chaos, to be created. Perhaps even a new golden age, and who wouldn’t want that? Happy vacillation hunting!


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