We humans (not you and me but all the others ofcourse), have a tendency to separate things. Separating responsibilities from each other, separating thinking from doing, policy from exploitation, demand from supply, primary from supportive, line from staff, domain from domain, structure from structure, important from not important etc. It’s our natural way to handle ‘complex’ themes. But if you look at these themes from holistic viewpoint, you see right away that it would be better if they were not separated but integrated.

What’s wrong with starting integrated thinking? Integrating thinking and doing on all levels, integrating policy development with policy exploitation so that the policy executor and policy developer together see how it works, integrating demand and supply so that the chain is really working, integrating primary and supportive processes because they really belong to each other etc. Integrating responsibilities: what do you thing would happen to the two people in the boat cartoon if their responsibility thinking was integrated and note separated? And finally: integrate important and not important so that everything becomes equally valued and thus equally important, no matter how small or meaningless it might seem at first sight. Happy Integration-thinking Hunting!


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