The Beauty of Transparency

Suppose we (not you and me but all the others ofcourse) could make our world more transparent. So we really start to see how beautiful she is. And how worth she is to be saved so that generations to come can sustainably enjoy her. Therefore our current societal systems that are predominantly ego-based have to be broken down. Old systems where concerns are torn apart by duality thinking. Concerns that should have been handled integrated and not separated.

These old systems which have served their time now need to be made transparent so the light can come in through the cracks and heal them. Healed systems  that are designed to become beneficial for all of us, not only for a few of us. Happy transparency hunting!


Comments on: "The Beauty of Transparency" (2)

  1. Human beauty is based on the Divine Proportion. See the photo below which illustrates the following golden ratio proportions in the human face.


  2. Eleanor Roosevelt once said: no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.


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