We humans (not you or me but all the others ofcourse) tend to prevent being to dependent on eachother. We like our individual freedom. And we tend to structure our lives accordingly. So we tend to separate things that have dependencies. Dualism reigns. Thereby creating possible future causes that will in one or another way make things more difficult.  So the Universal Law of Karma will show us the dependencies we have (temporarily) ignored, later on in our lives. So that present causes will inflict future effects. We tend to do this over and over again. Perhaps it is because we need these learning experiences. But maybe if we tried structuring more along the Buddhist knowledge in the “Paticca Samuppāda” or the wheel of life which tells us things to know about Dependent Origination, we might make other choices. With more direct cause/effect relationships. Creating instant worlds instead of future worlds. Happy Dependency Hunting!


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