Finding gaps. That’s what we (not you or me but all the others ofcourse…) like to do from time to time. And as soon as we have gaps, we can start analyzing why these gaps existed. Because it keeps us busy. And being busy is good. It leads to busy-ness. And as we all know, busy-ness keeps the world turning (at least according to some). Ofcourse it’s good to be busy, especially if it leads to better care for eachother. After all who wouldn’t want to be taken care of sufficiently? It’s all that matters. So we should put maximum effort in that. It will make us all happier persons.

Now what about finding your own gaps? So you can spend some time being busy analyzing your own gaps. On a way to completing yourself.  So you can grow internally, emotionally and maybe even a bit spiritually. How is it done? It’s quit easy. Just start drawing the new you from where you have discovered your gaps are. By drawing the gaps, you have accepted they exist and can start working on them. I wish you happy practicing completing yourself!


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