twijfelaarOn a certain day, an important renewal task had to be fulfilled. The task could be Something, Anything or Nothing. Four people were assigned to fulfill the task: Everybody, Anybody, Somebody and Nobody. They were supported by Pride, Fear, Experience, Reason and Heart.

Pride thought letting Anybody do Anything was impossible but she told Nobody about it.  And although Experience thought doing just Something was risky and Reason thought doing Nothing was totally useless, Heart whispered ‘just try it’ to Everybody.

And then Fear heard about Heart’s intention, and he blocked the idea totally. This led to Everybody to think that Somebody would have enough Experience for Something but in the end Nobody did Anything. This in turn caused Somebody to get upset because Something was the task of Everybody and now Nobody had done Anything.

Everybody thougt Somebody could have done Something, but Nobody realized that Pride thought not Everybody wanted to do Anything. In the end, Everybody convicted Somebody because Nobody did what Everybody could have done.

Where does your initiative fit in or do you still have some doubts?

(inspired by a Dutch poem called ‘er waren eens drie mensen’)

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