power-of-oneIn NLP there is a saying ‘change the map and you will change the world”. But changing maps is not that easy. It requires a lot of alignment between stakeholders and will probably not be hassle-free. But there is a more simple way of changing the world. You can do it with your thoughts. It’s really that simple. If you start thinking differently on a certain topic, you will also start acting differently. And the world around you will start changing in reaction to your action, no matter how small but it will change. So you see, your thoughts can be much more powerful than you think. You only need yourself, the power of one is enough to start a change. You don’t need to wait for others. You alone could even make a big change if you wanted to. And ofcourse there are barriers, like the tendency to adapt ourselves to our environment, and let the environment ‘control’ our thoughts. If we accept this as a fact, we will not achieve great beneficial changes for humanity. It’s the fear for changing the current systems that witholds us. So the only thing needed to conquer this fear is to convince yourself that you can make a change. Good luck changing the world towards a better place!


Comments on: "Change Your Thoughts And You Will Change The World" (1)

  1. Frans Tiel said:

    Right in the bulls eye. Start today!!


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