uniquenessEvery person in the world (not you or me but all the others ofcourse ;)) is unique. We take pride in our uniqueness. But we also have a strong urge to combine our individual uniqeness into something greater. Often with the goal to create synergy together. It is this combined uniqueness which is able to create great things. Only question is: what kind of uniqueness combinations do we need to combine to create this better world? We still don’t have the answers to that question, given the fact we currently seem to be more capable of creating new crises than solving the already existing ones. There is room for improvement in this area. Improvement could come by combining some of our individual uniqueness in another way than we are used to. Maybe the clue is simple: the more we share our uniqueness with eachother the more unique the world will become. And the more unique, the less centralized it is and the better the resource sharing can be. What’s your uniqueness?


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