less-is-moreOur society is becoming increasingly complex and super-integrated. The increasing number of connections could on one hand help solve all kinds of problems we now face together, but on the other hand, the sheer complexity could also lead to increased fear. Fear of not being able to cope with complexity anymore. So what do we need? Simplification seems to be the first answer that comes bubbling up. But simplify what? Make less connections? Seems uncontrollabe. Invent less technologies? This would hinder inventions and innovations, seems not a good idea. Less processes? We need processes and many already work ok, maybe we should accept this as a fact. Less methodologies? Would be nice but could lead hindering evolution by limiting diversity. Less organizations? Let it go. Orgs are already organizing themselves through open market principles. What about just simply Less control? Less control would help in letting things go and allow for some selforganization. This already is happening (experimentally) in certain areas. And there seems to be no hard evidences that limiting control  increases problems. Nevertheless, good luck with your search for more or less complexity,whatever works fine for your situation.


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