dumb-worldSo let’s face it. You made the decision to read this blog. Because you first read the title, most probably you already acknowledged the fact that we live in a dumb world, you acknowledged it must be made smarter and you assume you play some role in it. Let’s face it: you are already very smart reading past these first sentences. They appeal to you in some way otherwise you would have already switched to anothere more interesting thing to do. So you are smart and the world needs you. So now there’s no way back anymore.

But how are you going to make a smarter world? Let me give you some hints. You start by reversing everything you know. You reverse all value chains. The demand side is leading, the supply side is following. You reverse the production/consumption paradigm. Consumption is leading, production is following. So we will never have abundance in office-space, gadgets, cellphones, coffee-making machines and whatever anymore. Just enough production to satisfy consumption needs of the whole human race. Then you reverse the hierarchy system. And where in the old system you had employees serving managers, you now have managers enabling employees. The ICT architectures must also be reversed. Earlier they tended to centralize as much as possible, leaving you with the highly customized one-size-fits-all mess. Now they must become decentralized so that you yourself can personalize, customize and innovate whatever you want. You must reverse the leadership system. Earlier you needed a few leaders to guide the masses. Now the masses become all personal leaders guiding the few left who still need some guidance. You can consider reversing the food system. From abundant production in one part of the world and scarcity of production in another part, we now let the food demand be in the lead for the food distribution and not the food supply. You can also reverse the Energy system. Anything that was previously produced centrally, is now produced decentrally. And then distributed from anyplace on earth to any other place on earth. Just because there is abundance. You reverse the politics system. Any policy you need, you develop locally. And the local policies that are willing to be combined become global policies. But there will be not a lot of them. You reverse the schooling system. Instead of wasting time in your youth learning things you don’t need later and not learning things you do need, you now start a lifelong learning-on-the-job career. And then ofcourse you reverse the financial system. Where before you would gather as much money as possible because it made you more important, now you become more important by sharing more. The more you share, the poorer you get, the better for all of us.

Sofar, it’s not a big deal, right? It’s even easier if you start reversing all these paradigms at the same time. Why? Well, we live in a transition world. And are currently in the middle of the transition from old, scary, fixed structures to new, open, joyable structures. A good life for every single living soul on this planet. Because it can. Because there is abundance for those we already see it. And in a chaos period, you don’t have to be afraid anymore for making mistakes. Because humanity never before has learned to become a smart world on the level we are currently facing. So let’s forgive eachother for making transition mistakes. Let’s just call them learning errors. And build this new golden age by just disrupting what needs to be disrupted. Only you can do it!

smart-worldI was just kidding. You should just stay dumb, it’s much more fun and it leaves a lot of problems to solve, something we like to do still a lot…Let’s give it a few millenia to get really smart…


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