gatherThe footprint of our egociety (ego-centric society) is well known to many of us. We dominantly like to focus on “gathering” things. Gathering identical or allmost identical things into collections. Gathering collections into even larger collections. Gathering ‘functionally identical’ people into  functional departments. Gathering similar functions into technologies. Gathering companies into even larger companies. Gathering cars onto highway jams. Gathering employees into offices. Gathering money into our wallets. We love gathering things. It’s our way of ‘centralizing’. Because it satisfies our greedy egos. So we work basically with the goal to “gather”. It fulfills our lives. But what if we reduced this working to “gather” and increased working together? Shifting to a modus where besides gathering, we put increasingly more effort into distributing, sharing, decentralizing? Could it still fulfill our lives? Ofcourse it could! It’s just an illusion to think we need to “gather” much things in order to satisfy our egos. It’s not necessary. It’s just an illusion.


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