comfort-zone-3So you’re just one of the 4 billion people on this planet who loves to live in it’s comfort zone. Welcome to the club. Nothing wrong with living in comfort. Many will even say out aloud they love to be in the victim role. So they don’t have to leave their comfort zone, even if it’s not as comfortable as it might be (look at the fishbowl picture). Rather stay in the well-known comfort zone than take a huge step to an unknown territory. But what if this huge step would put you in a new comfort zone that is much more comfortable? Would you then still stay in your old zone? Or would you take the step and try it? How comfortable do you want to leave your comfort zone? Or do you need a leader or entrepreneur or risc-savvy initiator first to help you take the first step? Or maybe you just decided you want to be that leader or entrepeneur yourself. In that case: congratulations!


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