duality-singularityWe live in a transitioning world. Slowly but surely we leave the era of duality (you versus me, them against us, dark vs light, luxury vs poverty, greed vs charity, better vs worse etc.). We are moving into the new era of singularity, where oneness becomes increasingly more important than dualism. But this is not an easy road. We have to learn to let go of certain things, themes, strategies, dogmas, cultures etc. from the past. And learn to embrace new, often counter imposing variants of these same themes. The intermediate strategy to transform, if you may call it that, is triality. Triality let’s us see both the old duality and the new singularity as well as all other in-between variants. It allows choice to either stick to duality or embrace singularity. You are the master of your own choice. It’s all up to you, nobody can help you decide. You have to decide for yourself. With triality, we will for example learn to see that no single person is either or bad or good. We will learn to embrace each others corresponding parts instead of focusing on the differences.We will learn to celebrate each others unique parts instead of trying to dominate your own uniqueness at the cost of someone else. We will learn how to distribute power instead of centralizing it. We will learn to see that harmony outperforms separation. We have to learn how to transform from a self-destructing society to a sustainable society. I wish you a pleasant yourney on your own choosen path from duality to singularity. A path so your children will later say: my parents left me a beautiful world.perfectly-modular-2



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