big-bang-history-timelineConsider the universe. Something that matters. Full of matter. Let’s assume it started with a big bang and is ever expanding. Let’s also assume we are now at a kind of treshold where mankind’s consciousness is opening up, and starts expanding together with the universe. The expanding rate of the universe slowly but surely comes into sync with humanities global consciousness rate. What would it look like?

Picture yourself that our internal brain network (a closed ecosystem) starts opening up and connecting with other brain networks, leading to connected ecosystems. And suppose more and more persons are able to transmit brainwaves with increasingly higher frequencies, and at the same time, more and more persons develop the capability to absorb these higher frequencies, then the net effect could be that we are actually transforming into an increasing global consciousness.

And with this increasing global consciousness, we will be increasingly better able to understand each others pains. This increased awareness will give us the understanding that we need to help each other, take care of each other. Because we start to see that’s the only sustainable way that will let us survive in an ever expanding universe. And thus, our global consciousness is only an intermediate step away of universal consciousness. And the more we are globally conscious, the less matter matters. Because the thoughts we create together create matter. And that matters most because we finally come to the point where mind over matter is no longer just some nice quote but actually reality. How are your mind over matter capabilities developing?mind-over-matter


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