information-overload-5Information overload is something we can really suffer from. We are increasingly capable of producing much more information collectively than we’ll ever be able to consume individually. So there must be a lot of wasted information out there. Produced but not consumed.  Or consumed, filtered, and categorized as ‘waste of time’.  Certain readers could categorize this very blog to also be in that category of information overload or waste. But we tend to blame ourselves for not being able to filter the overload on information. The more we start trusting each other, the less we need to write things done to prove the trust, and the less we need to read the stuff that is there to convince each other to trust each other.

So an effective means against information overload is trust. Another effective means we need to further develop is global consciousness. The more the global consciousness, the less we will need to convince each other about what’s happening in the world.  A third tool is universal consciousness. This is a tool  duo-thinkingwe also need to develop further. It is based on more and more people who are capable of understanding each other’s thoughts and intentions ‘naturally’ or ‘intuitively’ without having to first produce ‘material’ information intended to be consumed using regular communication channels. These 3 tools together can become increasingly effective information overload mitigations.


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