autonomy-pride-synergyWe all are very keen on our autonomy. Freedom of choice. Abiding the Universal Law of Free Will. But at the same time we like to achieve synergy. Being autonomous on your own is not very much fun anyway. So we seek to bond together creating ‘greater’ things than we are ever able to create alone. We are willing to co-create. As long as it doesn’t stand in the way of our autonomy. So what is the glue between these two, seemingly opposite drivers autonomy and synergy? What to think about pride? Pride is the glue that can bind us together. Consider what it will do if you work together on a thing that is creating synergy, and you are collectively succesfull. Then you will be proud of what you achieved together. So pride is certainly an important glue. Helping to give up some autonomy in order to create some synergy but in the end really only to receive some pride. Collective pride that can be shared individually. Very simple.


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