digitsEvery information humanity produces represents a certain form of Energy and corresponding vibration/frequency level. This Energy could penetrate the Universe, provided it’s vibration level is ‘high’ enough and it’s underlying data is arranged ‘in formation’ for others to understand. So there are at least two things we need to further develop if we want to support borderless information flowing. We need to find out what constitutes the frequencies that information carries and that lead to synchronicity events and/or a clear understanding of the send information at the information receiving part. We also need to find out what kind of breakthrough information carrying channels exist beyond what current technology state-of-the-art is able to support (for example: light). These new capabilities will not only serve to support true free flow of information beyond our world but also very much within our world. And if information is able to flow freely, borderless, it will certainly help to heal the world because it helps in achieving more global and even universal consciousness, a better “knowing” of the things humanity is collectively undertaking.freely-flowing-information


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