how-to-heal-the-worldSo far we have created a world that was dominated by ego-centric thinking. I call it the ego-ciety, because it has hardly anything to do with society (social world) or humanity (humane world). So what’s the next step? Very simple. We should now transform into a group of human beings that realize they are on this earth to care for each other. That should be the top priority. Because the more we care for each other (service to others), the less there will be need to care for ourselves (service to self) because it is already taken care of collectively. The more care for each other, the more happy everyone will become and the more we can enjoy our beautiful world. So try to say goodbye to the greedy, selfish service-to-self mindset, and say hello to the giving and caring service-to-others mindset. This I call Sociegy, a Society oriented strategy which if fueling the transformation from Egociety to Careity. take-care

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