initiativeThe graphic of Newton’s Cradle where the balls are replaced with human icons inspired me for this blog.  It has a lot to do with responsibility, literally meaning the ability to respond to your environment. Responding means you have to add Energy into something, otherwise nothing happens. You have to be responsible (able to respond) if you want Energy to flow in a certain (any) situation. This Energy will not flow automatically but needs someone who takes an initiative. The one who takes the first initiative in a situation is often a leader. So if you want to be a leader, you need to take responsibility in letting initial Energy flow into the situation you wish to get Energized. Don’t wait for others to take the initiative, unless you don’t mind being a follower. It is by this invisible stimulus of Energy that you are creating a visible world. And freely flowing Energy can easily stimulate others to become part of that flow. They might even take on some own responsibility and initiate or add their own Energy to that flow. So that it keeps flowing. In this manner, Newton’s Cradle concept can let Energy flow freely. It only needs a little compensation for the partial Energy that gets lost in making the connections (connecting the dots). How beautiful would it be if a single person would make a change with a little initial Energy that gets picked up by others who add their Energy to it, in the end leading to planetary transformation. 


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